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Tips from our Designer

Create interest with texture

When it comes to adding life and interest to your room scheme, consider texture as well as color. Here the smooth glossy dressing table contrasts with the rougher finish and shape of the wicker chair and fretwork wall panel. The variety of plants and containers also adds to this subtle layered look. Textured wall coverings can look great with shiny surfaces and even a chunky knitted throw or cushion look fantastic accompanied by sophisticated silks or cool crisp cottons. They do say that opposites attract!

Get Organized

Organizing your storage is the first step to a stylish home. it frees up space and makes it so much easier to keep things tidy. The secret of great storage is to be able to see and find everything you need. Sometimes you have to be ruthless and either donate, discard or recycle anything you no longer use. Follow that tip and you will have more room for the things you really love and you may even rediscover some hidden gems!

A little Color goes a long way

Adding a splash of color can really add drama to a neutral scheme. Here a few colorful accessories add fun and drama to a classic ash bedroom with plain white walls. Don't be afraid to mix different patterns as well, it will work as long as they are linked by color. The beauty of introducing color through your accessories is that it can be changed in record quick time, in fact you could have a different room every week!

Make a statement

Create a point of interest in every room, something that draws the eye and says something about your personal taste. It could be a picture, a wonderful light fitting an unusual chair or even bold wallpaper. Sometimes it's that one quirky or stand out item that can transform an average room into a fantastic room.

Get Inspired

When trying to decide on a room design looks at magazines, shops and showrooms for ideas that inspire you. Cut out pictures and keep a scrapbook of the type of things you like, it makes it much easier to establish your own style and to make decisions about color and furnishings. It's the way Interior Designers come up with a scheme and it really helps avoid those costly decorating mistakes.

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